Success Stories

Meet some of Arizona Bat Rescue's bats and learn their stories. 

Mr. Moof Before

Mr. Moof After

Mr. Moof is a Western Mastiff bat that came into care. He is an unusal species to see so we were surprised to find him. The Western Mastiff bat is the largest bat in North America. They weigh 55-85 grams (2-3 ounces) which is about the weight of 3 AA batteries. They have a wingspan of 50-60 centimeters (20-24 inches). His body was the size of a medium Idaho potato.

Mr. Moof was found roosting on a large planter in the yard of a home in Gilbert, Arizona.  He was emaciated due to a broken and infected tooth that inhibited his ability to hunt and eat.  He had multiple infections and was suffering from swelling and pain due to his broken tooth. With the help of our vet, Dr. Chambers at Prescott Animal Hospital, and advice from Bat World, Mr. Moof made a full recovery. He received antibiotics and pain medication and we fed him a liquid diet until he was well enough to chew solid food. He was with us for almost 2 months until he healed well enough to eat and hunt on his own.

Mr. Moof was definitely a gentle giant. He was very patient with his medical care and strange diet. Western Mastiff bats have deep voices for a bat and you can hear some of their echolocation calls. When he flew you could hear what sounded like fast beeps as he navigated. He also made little noises that sounded like a baby chick peeping when he was in his hut. 

Mr. Moof is such a big species that we had to release him from the top of a ladder. We took him to a site recommended by AZ Game & Fish bat biologists and he flew fast and happy. He made several circles over our head after we released him. We like to think he was saying thank you and goodbye. Fly free, Mr. Moof and make many Mini Moofs!