Hally & Benjamin at a Mexican free-tailed bat emergence.

Hally & Benjamin: The People Behind the Bats

My name is Hally and I love bats. I love other things too, but mostly bats.

Several years ago, I was looking for a place to volunteer with bats. It turned out that there wasn’t a bat rescue in Arizona and only a small handful of rehabbers. Arizona has 28 species of bats that are spread throughout the state and there are so many ill, injured, and orphaned bats that need help!

Arizona needed a bat rescue, so we needed to start one. My partner Benjamin and I worked to learn everything we could about bats and got training and hands-on experience from many different sources. I got licensed to rehabilitate bats in 2021 and Arizona Bat Rescue was born.

Arizona Bat Rescue's mission is to give bats the support they need to rest and heal and get back into the wild. We also strive to teach everyone we can about how amazing (and adorable) bats are and all the ways people benefit from living with them.

I do the majority of the bat care, education, and public outreach. Benjamin does a very long list of everything else, including manual labor in the insane summer heat.

Arizona Bat Rescue isn’t a 5013c charity yet but it's in the works. In the meantime, we are self-funded and also supported by gifts from other bat lovers. We operate out of Mesa, Arizona, but encourage anyone throughout the state to contact us if you need help with a bat. We will travel if we can or at least offer advice.

When we aren't doing batty things, we're playing Pokémon and Animal Crossing, hanging with our cats, and collecting those little dressed up birds from Target.